Coffee, Whole Beans + Ground

Dialing in the Grind

Getting the grind right is one of the cornerstones of making a great cup of coffee. Barista’s often obsess over perfecting the grind, adjusting it to the level of roast, and even micro tuning levels if there’s shift in the weather and relative humidity.
Like all fine coffee preparation, single serve pods have their own grinding requirements. Pods are not exactly a simple pour over, since there is pressure developed during brewing. While the pressure is nowhere near the levels required for espresso, there are still some principles that apply.
To take advantage of pod pressure, it requires a better quality in the construction of the single serve pod itself. Some pods use lighter materials and paper filters that easily burst under too much pressure. Open a conventional pod and you’ll see a relatively coarse grind. This is fine for a fast brew, but this is no where near what you might want to extract the fullest flavor. A stronger filter material is one of the foundations that make iFillCup® pods stand apart from the crowd.
Stronger pods allows the use of finer grinds, deeper fills, and richer brews. 

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