Golden Bean World Series


We are honored that iFillSystems was chosen as the exclusive supplier of single-serve pods for the Golden Bean North America AND the Golden Bean World Series competition of roasters in 2022.

Golden Bean provides a fantastic venue for both large and small roaster operations with blind cupping competitions in four major categories:

  • Pour Over,
  • Pour Over with Milk,
  • Espresso, and
  • Single Serve (for the first time ever!)

The World Series event brought together more than 50 previous winners from both Australia and North America to compete and judge for the best of the best. This year, for the first time ever, roasters competed in the new Single Serve category.

All single serve entries were prepared live at the event and given the same grind level, fill weights, and identical brew times, temperatures, and volumes.

Working to meet the strict demands of the most prestigious and discerning specialty coffee roasters on the planet is both a joy and privilege. We look forward to many more great cups of coffee from Golden Bean roasters!