iFillCup Starter Kit to Enter the Single Serve Market

Single serve brewers are in 40% of homes, offices and hotels.
You hesitate when your customers ask when they can enjoy your artisan coffee in single serve pods. You are concerned about the quality of brew from pods and the waste.
We share your concerns, and would like to share our solution.

iFillCup - Golden Cup Brew Quality

iFillCup® technology brings you both recyclable single serve pods and Golden Cup brew quality.
It allows you to pack more coffee to achieve the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. It also allows you to use finer grinds to achieve the ideal 18 to 22% extraction yield.
Taste for yourself the amazing quality of your coffee in an iFillCup® pod.
iFillSystems, Better by Design, Deep Brewing Channeling Issue

The iFillCup® Starter Kit

iFillCup Fill Your Own K Cup Starter Kit, Boxes and Pods
  • 1,296 pre-assembled cups with self-sealing color lids.
  • 100 retail boxes.
  • Enough to make 100 boxes of pods to sell in your shop.
  • Just add your fresh roast into the cups, close the lids, and place the pods into the box.