iFill800 Series

iFill800 Series

iFill800xp K Cup Filling Machine. Fill and sell your own K Cups.

iFill800 Series Filling Machines

iFill800: $21,999

iFill800XP: $25,999

These compact tabletop models feature an integrated boxing module, are easy to operate, and provide efficient production!

The iFill800 Series semi-automatic filling machines fill, seal, and package iFillCup® pods.

iFillCup® pre-assembled pods provide the freshest and fullest-flavor brew available, and allow for same-day roasting, filling, and boxing with unique iFillCup® degassing seal.


Production Speed
iFill800: Up to 800 iFillCup pods per hour.
iFill800XP: Up to 1,200 iFillCup pods per hour.

Uses and Fill Weights
Easy exchange volumetric cylinder for fill weight
Coffee up to 18 grams depending on grind and roast level
Cocoa/Latte/Mocha/Apple Cider: up to 25 grams
Tea/Chai/Matcha: fill to taste

Hopper Capacity
6 lb included

16”W x 28”D x 28”H
Fits on counter tops or tables

Power Need
110 Volts / 6.25 Amps

250 lbs

Stainless steel exterior.

Design Features

  • Single chassis with built-in boxing module
  • Easy exchange volumetric cylinders for fill weights
  • Built-in Auto Clean feature reduces waste when switching between products without having to purge system.
  • Removable hopper and panels for easy access to components for cleaning.

Training and Warranty: On-site training available.

  • One year parts and labor standard warranty
  • Extended Service Program & Refurbishment Service available

*Temporary loaner filling machine available when your current one is undergoing maintenance or repair

Boxing Options:

  • Programmable packaging count
  • Multiple carton sizes including bulk packaging.
  • Tray or conveyor system for packaging process available.
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