Golden Bean is Back!

Golden Bean

It’s been a long time coming!  For the first time, Single Serve has been added as a category to the prestigious Golden Bean North American competition.  And iFill Systems has been selected as the exclusive supplier of pods to facilitate this portion of the competition.

Finally, your Single Serve coffees can compete in a category alongside traditional pour over and espresso drinks.

As part of the inauguration, entry fees for the new Single Serve category have been reduced from the standard fee of $150 to a reduced fee of $100 per coffee entered.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, you and your coffee can receive the recognition it deserves.

All samples will compete on an equal footing with blind cupping score sheets just like other Golden Bean entries.  Winners will receive gold, silver, and bronze metal awards.  Prestigious awards like Golden Bean make for great sales promotion opportunities.

We STRONGLY encourage all our iFillSystems partners to participate in other categories too.  All coffees will be ground and brewed on the spot to make the freshest cup possible.