Hotel Single Serve Program

i360 K Cup Coffee Brewer, best single serve coffee maker.


There is an upsurge in interest for single serve pods by boutique and chain hotels. Our team has helped customers get coffee into hotels like Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and smaller local hotels around the country.

As our valued customer, we’d like to help you place your coffee in hotels near you.
Our new “Hotel Single Serve Program” is designed to do just that. The Program provides you with:

  • Hotel In-Room Demo Kit – Designed for you to show & brew your FRESH pods during sales presentations. It includes an iFill360 in-room brewer, tray, pod display, and a 6-pod premiere gift box for in-room or gift-shop sales.
  • 15-Minute Sales Presentation to Hotels – A power point presentation designed to help you show hotel owners and managers the advantages of bringing the best local coffeehouse taste experience into every guest room, breakfast, conference room, and lobby.
  • Hotel Branded Lids & Brewer Investment Calculator – Designed for you to know the numbers for offering brewers at full price, half price, or even for free while your’ coffee helps the hotel promote its brand, and brings you profits.
  • Small Chats with Different Stakeholders in a Hotel – The hotel owner, general manager and food service manager all care about different things, e.g. the food manager may love to save 15 minutes each morning while the owner may seek a higher occupancy rate. This simple document helps you tune in to the key concerns of different decision makers.

There is a nominal fee of $149 for this Level One Program to help cover some of the costs. Interested in more? At your request, our Level Two Program provides graphics support that can customize your sales presentation to target a specific hotel. Want even more? Talk with our hotel expert who can consult with you on your sales plan, and even join your meetings to support your presentations to hotels and resorts.

Please call us at 360-844-7415 to order the Program or learn about our hotel sales consultation. If you’re among the first three to order the Program, we will waive the nominal fee!