Coffee Beans in Hands

6 Mistakes You Are Making With Online Coffee Sales

1.  Not thinking outside the box bag

All too often we see coffee roasters that strictly sell the whole bean. That’s great if you only want to sell to 5.7% of the Coffee Market! Sure, K-Cup left much to be desired with freshness, quality, sustainability and more. But with new technology comes new opportunities. iFillCups® and automatic filling machines have provided specialty roasters a turnkey solution into the $8 billion K-Cup market, which is 36.5% of the Coffee Market!  iFill filling machines are designed to be an extension of your coffee to enable you to sell your coffee at $30 instead of $10 per pound.B2B channels like grocery, hotel and office coffee service (OCS) demand artisan single-serve coffee in volumes that will lighten up your business!  Just reply to this blog or call free iFill consultants today at 800.979.2231.

2.  Not keeping your current customers excited

Maybe that creative blend you’ve been experimenting with will brew up conversations in the coffeehouse, but it won’t go viral like an army of caffeinated Facebook addicts sharing your 100% Recyclable Single Serve iFillCups® to the world! Keep your customers excited with new product launches with almost zero cost and zero inventory.  Our roaster partners consistently show us how excited their customers are about getting their favorite coffee, from Direct Trade, Organic, Flavored to Fair Trade in iFillCups®!

3.  Failing to stand out from the competition

Tired of Instagram pictures, blog posts and Facebook giveaways not setting you apart from the competition?
Go BIG and be the only artisan coffee roaster in your town to offer a 15g freshly roasted iFillCup®! iFillCup® is also the first and only 100% Recyclable Single Serve cup, which is superior to compostable products.
The 100% recyclable iFillCup® is the single-serve “gold standard” for artisan quality, fresh to order and eco-friendly coffee production. Pretty neat, eh?

4.  Not adding value and commanding higher prices

Customers love great service, but you can only serve so many pour-overs (added value) in a coffeehouse. Add value to your online customers by offering the convenience of a single-serve K-Cup (2.0 compatible) without compromising on quality or freshness.
The benefit to you? Doubling or tripling your revenue per pound! The only surefire way to get $30-45 per pound (without making customers angry) is with artisan Single Serve coffee!
Filling your own Single Serve cups has become as easy as grinding coffee. We can even help you get financing with zero down payment through our financial partners for any automatic filling machines. Simply reply to this email or call your free iFill consultants today at 800.979.2231.

5.  Not increasing your website traffic

So you exhausted all your organic web traffic strategies and you maxed out the advertisement budget. How do you increase your website traffic now?
Ask about our iFill™ Roaster Partnership Program which will drive traffic, get your brand out of obscurity and increase sales!

6. Overlooking products that attract new customers

Dialing in a new single-origin roast? Experimenting with a creative blend? Great! But those won’t necessarily bring in new customers.
Diversify your coffee products by entering the Single Serve market to acquire new customers and market share. The Single Serve market has been the fastest-growing coffee market segment over the last decade and counting!
Try us out! Ship us 2 pounds (or more) of whole beans and we will send back iFillCup® samples with your coffee.
Before sending your beans, contact us and we can set up an appointment for you to try out our iFillCups®. It’ll be the best single serve coffee you’ve ever had!
In the coffee biz, tasting is believing!