iFillSystems L Series Filling Machines

High Output Filling Systems

The L-Series automatic filling machine can be integrated with additional automation modules for a full solution system to mix and fill:

  • Powdered products such as Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, etc.
  • Functional dry ingredients such as Cannabis, Isolates, etc.
  • Injected liquids such as CBD and others.

Compatible with all K-Cup® style brewers, iFillCup® pods have a unique Non Absorbing Filter for best extraction and premium quality brewing. They are also made with 100% recyclable materials!


Machine Speed: 6,000 to 24,000 pods per hour.
Power Need: 240 VAC / 30 Amps / 90-120 PSI compressed air
Materials: Stainless steel, black finish
Hopper Capacity: 12 lb.
Footprint & Weight: Determined by agreed upon custom design and layout
Nitrogen Flush Module included with integrated monitor and display
Built-in Auto Clean feature reduces waste when switching between products without having to purge system.
Double Heat Sealer
One-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Warranty & Service plans available
Custom Design and Engineering Available

Beverages Filled in iFillCup Pods:

  • Coffee (filter included)
    Up to 15 grams or more per pod per grind and roast level
  • Cocoa/Latte/Mocha/Apple Cider (no filter)
    Up to 25 grams
  • Tea/Chai/Matcha (filter optional)
    Fill to taste

Functional Beverages Automated L Series Accessories to add Cannabis or Supplements as a second fill:

  • Auger Powder Filling Module
    Positioned upstream of the Precision Cylinder Filling System of the iFill L Series Filling System, it is designed to fill a second solid material weighing 0.5 to 20 grams into a pod.
  • iMix-50 and iMix-100 Powder Mixer/Blender
    Mix and blend 50 or 100 liters of ground coffee, with powder additives, or liquids.
  • Precision Liquid CBD Module
    Positioned upstream from the Precision Cylinder Filling Station on the iFillSystems L Series Filling System for injecting 0.15-0.5 ml of liquid onto or beneath the brewing filter of the pod.
  • High-Precision CheckWeigh Module
    A Quality Assurance system available on iFillSystems L Series Filling Systems designed to weigh, analyze, and automatically reject any incorrect weight pods.

Many other accessories available including ink or laser date stamp, automatic bulk and retail cartoners, variety packer, automatic feed, and much more.

iFillCup Pods
Additional Services

Additional Features

iFillCup® Pre-Assembled Pods

Start your pod business with a system that enhances the quality of your products and produces the best single serve on the market. iFillCup® provides a better experience by delivering fresher content, more coffee per pod, non-absorbing filters and recyclable materials.

iFillSystems™ Enhanced Services

  • Creative Design and consultation for helping you maximize packaging and branding effort
  • Custom equipment and warranty services
  • Sales and Marketing assistance from our years of experience working with Artisan Roasters nationally
  • USA-Based Tech Support
  • Sample Program

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