Meet the Team!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Coffee is a complex product and even when growers and roasters do absolutely everything right, all their efforts might go for naught if the grinding and brewing isn’t just as perfect as every other step. At best, home grinding and brewing is a hit and miss affair. Delivering a final cup that is just as the roast-master intended is the missing link in coffee.

Our company started 15 years ago with an aim to solve that missing link. The first efforts were in developing the Senseo® single-serve coffee, and later, moved to improving the design and implementation of Keurig® KCup® single-serve technology.  Surpassing the pre-existing limitations with advanced earth friendly materials, pod designs, and a unique filling technology has created a game changer for consumers and the industry.

Pod production before was limited to big roasters huge equipment that took months to install, a staff to manage, and complex product runs to assemble component pieces of cups, filters, lids, and adhesives. To add to the problem, most pods in use were incapable of handling the degassing pressures of fresh roasted coffee. The results frequently left consumers making a choice for convenience over quality.

iFillSystems changed all that by building a better pod, capable of fresh fills of just roasted coffee, with the finer grinds, and the larger volumes needed to brew true coffeehouse quality. Better pods combined with efficient compact filling equipment now enables roasters of all sizes to compete in this major segment of the marketplace.

What we began in the coffee industry, we are now expanding into multiple markets with new brewers, new recycling systems and filling equipment for beverages of every type.  We make innovation affordable, and level the playing field with earth friendly solutions that make better tastes and a better world.

Behind our aim for excellence, is a bright group of individuals, dedicated to working together in a culture of mutual respect, support, and service to our client partners.

Team work does make the dream work!

* K-Cup® is a trademark of Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. iFillSystems™ is not related to or affiliated with them in any way.

Edward Cai

Founder & CEO
Energetics Research & Engineering for Human, Machinery, and AI. Ph.D. in Electrochemistry.

Founded Housewares Technologies Group, Lectent, and invented Keepeez® and PressDome® vacuum food freshness systems. Led the invention and commercialization of Teflon water-wettable membrane in Pall Corp. Led the development of ink delivery systems for Hewlett-Packard Inkjet Printers.

To discover longevity drinks in different cultures and pack them in single-serve pods. Neuro & Energy storage systems.
iFillSystems K Cup Coffee Pod Filling Machines Director of Operations, Dave George

Dave George

Director of Operations
Operational processes, Training and Installation, and so much more!

Trained over 120 Roasters on machine operation and worked with each to determine the best weight/grind that represents their product best in their pods.

Singing, Fishing & Camping
iFillSystems Director of Business Support, Robert Hensley

Robert Hensley

Director of Business Support
Coffee & Business Enthusiast 

Trained More Than 700 Companies Worldwide in the Art of Roasting

Music, Writing & Being a Dad

Jonathan Wells

VP of Sales
Sales & Marketing

Played For a Baseball Team in Vancouver, Washington That Won the World Series

Beard Growing, Home Theater, Classic Cars
iFillSystems Global Logistics Manager, Judy Nguyen

Judy Nguyen

Global Logistics & Accounts Payable
Planning, Forecasting & Global Logistics

Developed Effective Transportation Networks for Smooth Shipping Traffic

Exercise, Nutrition Study & Cooking
Lynette-3 crop

Lynette Collman

Sales Support & Accounts Receivable
Working With Customers, Providing the Best Support Possible & Project Managment

Driving Washington State, through Canada
& to Alaska. Living A Few Years in Alaska.

Boating, Camping & My Fur Babies!
Cavalry (Rottweiler) & Cuba (Silver Lab)

Toby Watase

Engineering Sales Executive
Sales, Solving Technical Problems, Product Improvement 

Being better at fishing
than my co-workers

Salmon/Steelhead Fishing,
Restoring Cars  

Ron O'Day

Customer Development and Support
Over 20 years experience in the coffee industry and in helping my customers develop programs to meet and exceed their sales goals

Coached the two-time Chicago West Side Little League champs (Go Sox!)

Movies, history, and spending time with my wife and our two dogs

Rick Mower

Information Technology
Information Technology & Support

Raising two beautiful daughters.
Rafting down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon

Landscape photography, camping & hiking, and taking care of my three Shih Zu’s

Ashleigh Cummings

Creative Design Associate
Over 10 years of Graphic Design experience and a lifetime of art experience

Taught fine art to all ages for 12+ years.

Seeing new places, hearing good stories, and making nice things.
About Me Claire 2-3

Claire Trumbower

Sales Support Coordinator
Marketing and Sales Support

Boise State University Graduate

Traveling, snowboarding, enjoying time with my friends and family, and finding all the best places to eat/drink in Portland! 

Michael Harris

National Account Executive
Consultive Sales, Marketing, and Business Development

As an international peddler of all things related to specialty coffee; (consultation, coffees both green and roasted, allied products, coffee brewing and grinding equipment), I love what I do and do what I love...since 1994.

Climbing pyramids, all genres of music (especially when played on Jonathan's home audio system), Pacific Crest Trail hikes and camping with my daughters.

Elysia Pfeifer

Warehouse Manager
Domestic Logistics & Warehouse Management

Got married at Disney World

I love getting to nerd out and play video games with my friends and husband, or curl up on the couch with my animals reading.

Joe Gomez

Equipment Service Specialist
Machine Tech Support

Played drums for one of Hawai’i’s most popular Polynesian Entertainment groups.

Video games, books, music and the sciences.


Clancy Adams

National Sales Executive
Over 10 years as a home coffee roaster
15 years as a professional plant breeder and seedsman

Le Cordon Bleu Magna Cum Laude Graduate. Paul Allen's private chef at The Rose Garden and cooked dinner for Barack and Michelle Obama. 50+ awards for plant hybridization.

Spending time with my daughters, fishing, golf, longboarding, reading, penmanship, and writing.

Our History

  • 1993

    We were first founded in Ann Arbor, MI as Household Technologies Group. We first discussed and worked with Mr. Coffee, Hamilton-Beach, Salton, Bunn, and many more about how to introduce single-serve coffee to North America.

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We relocated to Corvallis, OR and patented the single-cup coffee brewing and manufacturing technologies. We expanded our engineering services to Europe and began working with leading coffee companies such as Nespresso, Krups, Eugster/Frismag, SaraLee/Douwe Egberts, Philips, Saeco, and more.

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We partnered with Sunbeam Corp. (now a part of Jarden Corp.) as a result of seven years of an exceptional partnership with the Mr. Coffee team. In the same year, we formed an R&D partnership with P&G's Global Coffee Business Unit (prior to JM Smucker's acquisition of Folgers). Launched the Senseo brewer in Europe.

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We partnered with Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts (now part of JAB/Keurig®).

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We launched the world's first vacuum-sealing lid known as Keepeez®. It turned all ordinary bowls and containers into vacuum containers and we were featured on many national TV networks such as NBC Today Show, ABC News, and Home & Garden (HGTV).

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We launched the world's first vacuum-sealing dome PressDome® to turn all ordinary plates and platters into food-saving vacuum containers. 

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We returned our focus to the coffee business and launched the world's first re-fillable iFillCup® for K-Cup® brewers.

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We launched the FS1000 Filling & Sealing Machine, as well as our i300 Compact single-serve Brewer. We introduced the improved 2nd Generation iFillCup® with permanent seal technology for our roaster partners.

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We created a family of six fully-automated K-Cup® filling machines, including two countertop and floor models, as a low-cost automated solution for coffee roasters around the world.

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We launched the i600 Premium K-Cup® brewing line-up for homes and 5-star hotels, which complement our i300.

  • Jul 12, 2019


    We are continuing to work hard for our partners to ensure a fresher, more robust roast.