Integrated Filling Machines

  • From 800 to 3,600 pods per hour
  • Filling machine with integrated cartoner
  • Multiple retail and bulk box sizes

"Evolution of K-Cup®
Style Coffee Pods"

Download this industry report to learn:

  • How single-serve coffee pods have evolved to brew barista quality coffee
  • Filling equipment options for companies of various sizes

Integrated Filling Machines: From 800 to 3,600 pods per hour


For Single-Serve Coffee Pods

For this chart, all 16 pods were brewed to an 8 oz cup in a Keurig® K200. Brew Strength was measured by VST Refractometer.

Fill weights and actual brew volumes (varying from 200 mL to 217 mL) were used to calculate Extraction Yields.

This study makes it clear that to achieve 8 ounces of barista quality brew, a single serve pod must contain at least 11-13 grams of coffee at 300-450 micrometer grind size.

Finally, you can ENJOY barista quality with your K-Cup brewer!